Birds On The Brink – Gourmet Fortified Daily Bird Food for purchase

At Birds on the Brink Sanctuary what we feed our birds is a top priority! Knowing how important this is to us, we thought it might be important to other bird lovers as well. Therefore, now available for the first time ever, is our Parrot and Cockatiel (Lovebirds and small Conures) Daily Bird Food for purchase. Knowing that some Parrot and Cockatiel owners are concerned about their pet gaining weight, each gourmet bird food formula is also available without sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds, which provide excess fat content, can sometimes add weight to caged birds, especially Amazons. Free-flight birds, or birds that are free in a home, are less prone to weight gain because they are more active.

To learn more about our Gourmet Bird Food and choose the correct formula for your bird, go here.

A happy customer review:

“I’ve always given my birds commercial birdseed. I’d mix it myself to get everything in it I wanted in it. But often, I wouldn’t breathe. The dust coming off it and the smell were toxic to me, like a chemical. At one point, I thought, gosh, this is horrible. But it’s what was available.

Then I got feed from Birds on the Brink Sanctuary and mixed in one of my bird Mango’s favorite things, safflower seeds. I poured it into the container and it smelled fresh. And clean. And healthy. I would eat this! I’d mix it and smell it and touch it and it was lovely. So for me this was a big experience in terms of the difference between the feeds.

I have 2 birds right now, Mango and Fiona. Of the two, Mango had only had commercial feed her whole life. This was the first time she’d had a different food. It had sunflower seeds in it and she had no idea what those were and wouldn’t eat them. She knew safflower seeds and some of the other nuts, but not sunflower seeds. Fiona in the next cage was chowing down her sunflower seeds. Mango would watch and then one day, she tried one. Next thing I knew, she was eating them all up.

Both Mango and Fiona are chronic egg layers, so they need a bit more of the calcium that comes from the cuttlebones. So as I’d scratch some of the cuttlebone into the big bowl of food, they’d eat it all up. Mango used to take only the big pieces, walk across her cage and dump them in her water and then eat them. Now she eats everything, as nothing else she ate was quite like it. It smells good, there are vitaminized pieces in it and she’s figured out that it’s all good for her.

I can’t see giving my birds anything but feed from Birds on the Brink Sanctuary.”

Maxine Jones

To order the same bird food that Mango and Fiona love, just go here and click “Parrot.”