Birds on the Brink Sanctuary Exploration (BOTB)

Creation has a way of surprising us, doesn’t it?

Birds on the Brink Sanctuary has been located in Harlem, Georgia since 2017. When we first set out our purpose, we outlined several questions we thought could expand our perception of extinction. Questions we’ve asked ourselves:

“Are our sanctuary inhabitants on the “brink of extinction” or are these species on the “brink of their magnificence” if we provide them with a safe environment in which to flourish? Basically, if they no longer need to just survive, what more are they as an expression of Creation?”

“If something appears to be lost through extinction, or replaced or adapted, is the flip side a brilliant evolutionary advancement or gain?”

At Birds on the Brink we are acutely aware that for a variety of reasons, not all species will flourish. Yet, we are committed to caring for the sanctuary inhabitants until nature shows us another course or what more there is to see!

So, when we came across this thought-provoking article, Spinning spiders, leopard eels, red coral: Noteworthy new species discovered in 2018,” we wanted to share it with our followers. The article stresses that although we are destroying species at an alarming rate, scientists discover tens of thousands of new species a year. And fewer than 10 percent of the species on Earth have been yet to be discovered.

So what do you think, “Is extinction a byproduct of evolution that allows for more, or does it simply mean an ending created by human interference?” To read the article, “Spinning spiders, leopard eels, red coral: Noteworthy new species in 2018″ click here