Making Learning Fun (above photo of Education Station #1)

Birds on the Brink Sanctuary’s mascots – Leo, the macaw and Bentley, the cavapoo, now share the exciting news that in a very short time, you will be able to experience: Bentley’s Butterfly Garden, The Macaw Flight, Sarah’s Butterfly World, Mr. T’s Hatch Hut, The Fluorescent Field and much, much more. We recently began construction on Sarah’s Butterfly World and Mr. T’s Hatch Hut education buildings (see photo below). These education centers will use augmented reality (AR) technology as a tool to learn about birds, butterflies and bees.

Our Educational Goal is to offer an immersive, multi-sensory strategy that allows visitors to have their own unique experience, for what better way exists for us to learn? We are confident that if we can “Excite Your Curiosity” to discover, imagine, explore and express your experience, that we will have helped to awaken your potential!

Although the Sanctuary’s primary focus is on the birds, we have incorporated the world of bees and butterflies as well. And through our fluorescent mineral exhibit, we’re able to show the beautiful fluorescent environment that birds, bees and butterflies see all the time. This highlights one of the Sanctuary considerations, which is, “That there is more to explore beyond the current limitations of our five senses” and “Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”  Stay tuned and check back often…………

Coming Soon. Sarah’s Butterfly World and Hatch Hut Educational Buildings