Art Through Different Eyes – The Artisans Village Art Gallery

Birds on the Brink Sanctuary recently participated in a fundraiser at The Artisans Village Art Gallery. Each participating artist was given a photo to interpret through their own eyes or vision. Although it was a fundraiser, it also illustrated that no two people see things the same and that we filter what we see through our own vision or perception. The beautiful butterfly photo above on the left, taken by Cherry Patton Leverette, was interpreted by Birds on the Brink. The result is our sculpture on the right.

Below, you can see our interpretive artful sculpture hanging on the bottom right of a wall at the art gallery.

We titled it:

Beyond Vision: Consider all the things a butterfly might interact with in its evolution, as well as all the extraordinary changes it experiences in its life cycle. Imagine Beyond what you see. Be sure to follow the butterfly journey Beyond Your Vision in black light on its caterpillar-eaten leaf. (If a black light is shined on the sculpture, some parts of it will fluoresce, further illustrating that there is always more or a greater depth to what we see or think we see).

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“Beyond Vision” on display at – The Artisans Village Art Gallery.