Save the Date – June 9th 2018  (11 am – 4 pm)

612 Byrd Drive
Harlem, Georgia 30814

Join Birds on the Brink Sanctuary and Feathered Friends Forever Rescue for a fun and educational time! Open House includes an Ethnic Food Fair and the debut of our precious and semi-precious stones and kids’ Gold Mining area. The Beaver Creek Indians, a South Carolina State recognized tribe, will give a talk and show about Eastern Indian Heritage. There will be an opportunity to meet and greet the chief of the tribe in full tribal dress. This historical tribe lived along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. They settled along the north and south branches of the Edisto River in the Big and Little Creek area, hence the name of the tribe, Beaver Creek Indians. Their tribal office is located in Salley, South Carolina.

An excerpt on Beaver Creek Indians historical heritage by Chief Louie Chavis 

“The Southeast Indians were fortunate in that there was generally an abundant supply of food. Men cleared the land for planting and were the hunters and fishers of the tribes. Women farmed the land and gathered nuts and berries and wild plants for their use. Planting was done by use of the “three sisters” method. The three sisters were corn, beans and squash, the staples foods of our ancestors. The three loving sisters had to live together to grow and flourish.

“The planting was done in mounds. The eldest sister, corn, grew tall and strong. The next eldest sister, bean, grew along the tall corn stalks, leaning on her elder sister for support. The younger sister, squash, grew under the feet of her sisters, protecting them and keeping the needed moisture for them. Our ancestors, then and now, revere Mother Earth and the story of the three sisters shows how our ancestors honor Mother Earth and Father Sun for what we are given.

“Even today, Indians have great respect for the fruits of the Earth by not killing the animals on the land, the fish of the rivers or the birds of the sky and water for any reason other than for food.” Chief Louie Chavis

A feather in our cap: Our long-time volunteer and contributor in so many ways to Feathered Friends Forever and now Birds on the Brink, Mel Minitor, Mel Standing Eagle, is an elected-feathered Peace Chief and Pipe Carrier. Mel has served in this tribal position since 2008. He is the 12th great-grandson of Chief Japasaw. He has also been honored in ceremony by Chief Sonne Rayne who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to represent the indigenous people of America at the U.N.

To learn more about the Beaver Creek Indians, go here.