So I wanted to follow up with more info about our previous Dolphin post about them naming themselves.

I think we all know that Dolphins are super smart, but yes they really do name themselves!
Yep, they create high pitch, specific whistles to identify themselves when they are young, and use it their whole life and they share it with other dolphins.

Really… no kidding.

The names are encoded in so-called signature whistle. The dolphins develop individually distinctive whistles for each other. These signatures contain identity information. How did scientists find out? Here is the study:

“Bottlenose dolphins develop their own unique identity signal, the signature whistle. This whistle encodes individual identity independently of voice features. The copying of signature whistles may therefore allow animals to label or address one another. Here, we show that wild bottlenose dolphins respond to hearing a copy of their own signature whistle by calling back. Animals did not respond to whistles that were not their own signature.

Check out this link and the video for more. 


Dolphins Are Super Smart

Dolphins are awesome!

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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