Birds on the Brink is the sister site, the offspring, the partner to Feathered Friends Forever of Harlem, Georgia.

FFF has been around for a long time, saving, rescuing, rehabbing and adopting birds when possible, caring forthe rest of a lifetime for those who were or are not adoptable.
Ron, the founder of FFF, recently sent me a short message to share about a man named David, who adopted a bird years ago. I had the feeling there might be more to the story, so I contacted David and asked for his story and permission to share it here on Birds on the Brink.
David adopted Raz… a bird who was not meant to be adopted.

David and Raz the parrot

Below is his original email to Ron and then the rest of the story he shared.
Thanks David, for sharing your story and caring so much for a bird named Raz… one who so needed you, your patience and love!

Hello Ron,
It has been years! Life takes us down many roads for many reasons. I adopted Raz from Feathered Friends Forever in December of 2004. We now live in Maryland. Where I go my Raz goes.
I am excited to see all that FFF has grown to become and your vision for the future. What you do continues to be important. Raz and I look forward to supporting you in the coming months and years. Be well.
David B.

The rest of the story of David and Raz…
Our story is now a happy one. It has also been educational for both of us. I volunteered, interned and eventually worked part time at Zoo Atlanta’s Wildlife Theater showcasing natural behaviors and positive reinforcement training of parrots, raptors and other exotic birds in a free flighted bird show from 2002 to 2010. In 2004 FFF was 2 flight aviaries and every square foot of Ron’s house. If I wanted to adopt a bird, Ron required me to “date the bird (i.e. visit on 3 separate occasions). Raz was and will always be a fearful parrot. His anxiety levels are freakishly high. So are mine. We were made for one another. He was not considered adoptable but Ron allowed me to visit with him. I brought him home in late December 2004.

Raz has always been a normal parrot. He does not pluck. He plays, explores, destroys, will leave his cage if a seed door is left open, loves bells, and whistles loudly for attention. He just never does any of this in the presence of a human. After ten years, he came to me and accepted a peanut. After fourteen years he will now accept anything from my hand. He whistles on cue. He will now station on his open top perch. He targets to a stick. At 23, Raz is enjoying learning new things. At 57, I enjoying teaching him.
I am now a middle school English teacher in Maryland. I plan to travel this summer back to Georgia and will definitely return to Harlem and Feathered Friends Forever.
Thank you.
David B.