A Madagascar Beauty

Have you ever seen a bird called a Greater Vasa? Probably only if you’ve been to Madagascar, the only place they are found. Well, a woman brought Darwin to us and we had never seen anything like her.

It is believed that the Vasa is a cross between a wild bird and a parrot. It has a flat tail, like a lot of wild birds do, such as hawks. It has a neck that stretches out. And it’s the color of a crow on top but pure silver under its wings.

Now, the only species of bird where it’s easy to tell the male and female apart is the Eclectus. Males are green, females are red. Vasa is the only other one you can know the sex just by looking at the bird. But it’s only at breeding time. The female’s head turns bright yellow and her beak turns snow white.

Vasas are not known for their vocabulary. They don’t talk. But have you ever sat outside and listened to the noises the wild birds make? That’s what Darwin does. She screeches and yelps and twitters and tweets. She can mimic a squeaky door. But her owner has never heard one single word out of her.

Note: Due to lighting, photo makes Darwin look grey rather than black.