Cockatiel is Credited With Saving a Woman From Crippling Claustrophobia

A 43 year old woman faced down crippling claustrophobia and social anxiety by dressing up her cockatiel and taking him with her.

Bird dressed up as superman

She now has become known for her amazing bird outfits and her photos of birds doing everyday chores have been seen round the world.

‘When I adopted Sparky he was shy and reserved,’ she said. ‘But I managed to coax him out his shell and it wasn’t long before he was following me around and perching on my shoulder.

‘I trained him to go outside with me and to keep me company when I went shopping.

‘When I had counselling and cognitive therapy and I had Sparky with me during my sessions.

‘The end diagnosis was that Sparky was the best remedy for my claustrophobia.

bird dressed up as marilyn monroe

‘I have two other birds at the moment, Snoggy and Bluey, and several in training so I can take one out with me on occasion when I know it’s going to be a heavy day for me.’

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bird dressed up

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