Friendship from an Astrological Perspective

Leo: I’m curious, Bentley. Are you okay being a spokesperson for Birds on the Brink Sanctuary?

Bentley: I love it. I’m having fun, so life is good.

Leo: I’ve been wondering why we were picked, because birds and dogs are not natural friends, you know.

Bentley: It’s in our charts! We are both ahead of our time and it’s all because of Uranus. Your Sun is in a happy aspect to your Uranus and my Venus and Jupiter are to mine. We are independent, love freedom, and are definitely unique! And Uranus rules friendships, so we can be friends.

Leo: Well, you’re a cheerful little chap, I have to say. You’re fun to be with. And as for being a spokesperson, I figure, “A bird’s got to do something for a living.”

leo and bentley

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