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Is it a Crystal or a Mineral?

Bentley:  Leo, what’s the difference between a Mineral and a Crystal? And why is Birds on the Brink Sanctuary so interested in them?

Leo:  A crystal or crystalline is a mineral and is a pure solid substance. It has a particular organized structure and symmetry. It’s a mineral that forms under ideal conditions. Minerals in general take many different forms and are homogenous solids that have regular structures and are found in rocks, ore and mineral deposits in the earth’s crust. Very simply, most of the minerals are crystals, but all the crystals are not minerals. Minerals are naturally occurring, but all crystals are not natural.

Bentley:  So then, minerals are found in rocks, which are composed of one or more minerals? Some examples of a crystal are snow, amethyst, quartz, salt, diamond? And examples of minerals are gold, silver, and fluoride?

Leo:  You got it, Bentley, and the reason Birds on the Brink is so interested in minerals is because they are an important element in Creation. In the Universe, on Earth and in plants and animals. Minerals are the building blocks of Creation, very important to all living things, and we believe there is a lot more to learn about them than we know. We would like to understand and communicate better with them.

Bentley:  Wow, I never knew minerals were so important to all of life!

Elestial Rose Quartz


Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore Mineral

Leo and Bentley – “Birds on the Brink Sanctuary” Team Members who love to explore all of life!

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