Who Loves You?

Some months ago we told you about a hybrid bird named Shelby, whom we called Birdzilla because he was fierce with everyone. Well, it appears there is someone he does like!

Britney is someone who helps out at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary from time to time. One day, she went into Shelby’s flight to clean it. Shelby started making kissing noises so Britney started talking to him. The next thing we knew, she reached up and started rubbing him. It took her a few more times before she finally put her arm up for Shelby to step up. She now can rub all over him, even under his wings, and gets kisses from him. Now, every time Britney comes to the rescue, she makes a point of spending some quality time with Shelby.

Click on the video to watch Britney and Shelby, a Miligold, communicate in the sweetest way!


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