A Honeybee Journey

We heard a story recently about a beekeeper who made a lot of honey from his bees. One day, he went to take the honey out of the hives and two of the hives had blue honey. He couldn’t figure out where in the world it came from. So he started tracking the bees, and about a mile from his house was an M&M plant. The company had dumped hundreds of pounds of blue M&M’s outside, so when you have rain, you get blue sugar water.

All the bees brought it back and made honey out of it. Someone asked whether the chocolate would be bad for the bees. But they don’t eat that. They just eat the sugar, the coating on the outside. What about other candies that don’t have chocolate in them, like blue sugar candy?  Would they eat those? Most likely. They will eat anything that just has the slightest bit of moisture and sugar.


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