Bentley’s Butterfly Garden

The above photos were taken at the Birds on the Brink Sanctuary butterfly garden in Harlem, Georgia.

The female Black Swallowtail admired for its beauty will lay from 200 – 430 pale yellow eggs, at a rate of about 30 – 50 per day. It will lay single eggs on host plants like parsley, dill and fennel. The eggs will turn a dark gray just before hatching, which takes about 10 – 13 days depending upon temperature and the host plant chosen. (see header photo)

The caterpillar stage lasts about 10 – 30 days. Caterpillars are green with black bands and yellow spots. They feed on their host plant while preparing for the chrysalis stage which lasts from 9 – 18 days. Initially their chrysalis is brilliant green and changes color as it matures. (see header photo)

The adult butterfly wing span spread range is 6.9 – 8.4 cm with females typically larger than males. The area between the rows of spots on the hind wings of the female is powdery iridescent blue. The blue area in males is much less prominent.

To learn more about the native butterflies in Georgia, come take a stroll through Bentley’s Butterfly Garden. We think you’ll learn a lot and have loads of fun!

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