Exploring things that fluoresce.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how birds, butterflies and bees view some of the world, you might just need one of these. It’s a black light and we’re giving them away to visitors of Birds on the Brink Sanctuary. All you have to do is press a little button, shine the light on a rock, flower or plant and voilà! You’ll see fluorescence!

It comes with a ring on it, so you can attach it right to your keys to use all day long, shining the light on all sorts of things in Creation. We’re practicing making a video of this to show what fun it is and once we’ve perfected that, we’ll show you here. So come back soon and see!

Black light (UV – A light) on fluorescent painted rocks and a fluorescent painted board.

Black light (UV- A light) on mineral rocks and a fluorescent painted board.

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