Our Own Dear Birdzilla

The difficulty in breeding two types of birds is that you can end up with distortions and even disasters. That’s what happened to Shelby, known affectionately to us as Birdzilla. He’s a hybrid, a Miligold, which is a cross between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Military Macaw. This is not a natural breeding situation and the mixing of the gene pool may account for his goofiness and sometimes viciousness.

If you try to give him a peanut through his cage, you won’t be able to pull your fingers back quickly enough. He doesn’t just bite, he buries his beak as far into someone as he can.

He came to us from Alaska, where he had attacked so often, put 6 people in the hospital needing reconstructive surgery, including his owner and the local vet, that they wanted to put him down. Instead, he will live here for the rest of his life with us, in his own 8-foot octagon area secluded from the rest of the birds in the flight, because he is that vicious.

Because he’s a hybrid and goofy, the life he has here is the best of all worlds for him. He lives outside, he enjoys the weather, he’s got his own house built in his octagon, his own little pond where he drinks and bathes, plus, as he is only in his thirties, he will live the rest of his life a free bird!

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