Kaolinite Mineral (above photo) is where we get Kaolin Clay from.

When it comes to feeding parrots, what they get fed all depends on their level of activity. If you have a parrot that sits in a cage all day, you don’t want to fill it up with lots of fat like sunflower seeds. Just like humans, you never want to fill them up with things they’re not going to use.

At Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, the birds are very active and are outside. We are exploring and experimenting with their food, how it affects or benefits them, then we tweak the formula when necessary.

Because many birds get a lot of processed food, one of the things that’s often missing are some of the important minerals and things that keep the digestive system clean. So we are experimenting with kaolin clay, a beautiful jet white clay used in cosmetics and porcelain and that is found in Peru and Brazil, where you find many parrots, especially macaws. Kaolin is a natural part of the clay soil where the sanctuary is.

In the South, kaolin clay is called Grandma’s Dirt, something that was given to children with upset stomachs or digestive issues. We now are bringing in big chunks of kaolin to feed the birds and once the big macaw flight is finished, we’ll design a kaolin wall. The birds can perch on it and eat from it to their hearts’ content!