Some things to look for when choosing toys for your parrot.

Bird toys should not only keep your bird busy and entertained, they should challenge their intellect, help keep them physically fit, and simulate the kinds of experiences they would have in their natural habitats. A few things to consider when choosing a safe toy for your active, playful and curious parrot:

  • When introducing a new toy, observe how your bird interacts with it, looking for any potential problems.
  • Do not overcrowd the bird cage with toys. You may want to rotate toys weekly to keep your bird from being bored, while providing a variety of toys.
  • Select toys that are specifically manufactured for birds and your type of bird. Just because a toy is sold at a pet store or is labeled a parrot toy, this doesn’t necessarily make it safe or appropriate for your bird.
  • Check that the materials the toys are made of are non-toxic and bird-safe. A few good choices are wood and acrylic toys, but nothing painted, coated or glued. Wood toys should be made from untreated wood. If something is dyed, a soy-based (vegetable) safe colorant should be used. Rope toys should be a 100 % cotton or sisal. Rope or material-based toys should not be so long or stringy that your bird can become entangled in them. Leather toy parts should be vegetable-tanned only. Metal hardware should be stainless steel or nickel-plated. Metal rings, hooks, chains, or clamps should not be anything your bird could ingest, open, or get their beak, foot or nails caught in.
  • Some birds love to tear up paper and cardboard, just make sure they are of food-grade.

Take the time to educate yourself and search for safe toys for your parrot. Also, consider making some toys yourself for your feathered friend!

Safe Toys for Fiona!


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