Your Flight Attendant!

When visitors come to Birds on the Brink Sanctuary on a Saturday or Sunday, they will be greeted by our Bird of the Day. We will have a giant cage right at our pergola near the bench seating with a different bird in it each day. There will be information about the bird, who it is and all of its history and story.

Open House weekend, June 9, 2018, will be the first time it is actually used. It might be Leo or Lucky (both Harlequin Macaws) at different times, or maybe Boo, a Sulfur-crested Cockatoo, an African Grey named Pepper, an Amazon named Pepper, a blue and gold Macaw named Rambo, or Isla the Hyacinth. Maybe it will be Eclectus Fiona, or Shashi, a beautiful Moluccan Cockatoo!

Photo above is our own Leo, spokesbird for BOTB, in front of the cage he just might be in when you visit!

So join us on June 9th and see who gets to greet you.

Leo and the octagon cage