Products to Avoid Using Around Your Pets

One of parrots’ major weaknesses is the lungs. Because of this, we need to be extra careful to not introduce any toxins into their environment, particularly parrots that are pets in the home.  Never use Teflon pan containers because they off a gas that can kill a parrot. The same with the cleaner for self-cleaning ovens. Once a parrot breathes in either one, they are in serious trouble.

There are plants and flowers in the sanctuary–let’s call them by what they are: weeds, that are also not healthy for parrots. These weeds and grasses and natural plants that are there need to be hand-weeded. Some are very invasive and the vines will take over if we don’t painstakingly remove them by hand.

We also use some natural products to keep the pests in line, such as Jerry Baker’s formulas. He was very good at preserving, creating and expanding on natural ways to work with plants and animals and bugs. We use his products in order to keep a balance.

This is what Birds On The Brink Sanctuary is all about: Balance.

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