Enjoy this video of Bentley learning a new trick/skill/ or habit even on how to clean up his mess.

Bentley the Maltipoo (that’s a dog) enjoys the outdoors and is a fashionista. He is also a co-host of The Perch, a new online talk show with his co-host, Leo the parrot.

Join them every Monday to see who and what these two unlikely best friends talk about. It could be fashion, food, current events, you name it. They have heads full of information to share and if they can’t answer your questions, they will find someone who can!

Leo is a 2-year-old, extremely friendly and curious Macaw who resides at the “Birds on the Brink Sanctuary” in Harlem, Georgia. He loves having his head and belly scratched and learning new words, which he practices in the evening in a soft voice.

Bentley, a 2-year-old, energetic and lovable Maltipoo, lives in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys camping, jogging, hiking, learning new tricks and is an expert fashionista in his own right.

And wouldn’t you know it, they connected through the World Wide Web just as they will connect with you.

Check back on their website at http://BirdsOnTheBrink.com every Monday to see what they’re up to.