Bear Rescued from Years of Torture in a Bear Bile Farm Swims for the First Time

Bear Bile Farming…. It’s Wicked, Torturous and should never, ever be done on a bear ever again. It still goes on every day. Vietnam has outlawed it. Many other places have not.
So many bears are used mercilessly and kept in captivity for their entire lives…. all for the sake of natural medicine and cures that people have used for thousands of years.

Below, watch the lovely scene of Tuffy the bear taking a swim, getting a chance to be free… or at least free of the cage that kept him bound for so many years. He can not live on his own, but thankfully, a rescue group that made his freedom possible, is taking him in. So many thanks to

Below that are documentaries are videos shot undercover showing the reality of this vicious practice.

At the bottom of the page you will find a short video of  what happens when bears are rescued. Shared by Sarah, a Bear manager with And then at the end, a video of Oliver, a Moon Bear now living out the remainder of his life in the sanctuary, after being kept captive in a bile farm for 30 years.


Click here to read more about Tuffy the Moon Bear and the group who saved him and more like him.

The link below is for a full documentary and rescue operation done by


The video below is from Nat Geo Wild- This is still happening in Vietnam, and elsewhere, even though it is illegal.


Below, Meet Sarah, a Bear Manager at She describes what will happen to the 9Lives Bears who were just rescued 10 days ago.

Meet Oliver, a Moon Bear rescued in 2010, who now lives out his days on the rescue sanctuary of He spent 30 years- a bears lifetime- caged on a bile farm.