A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

Happy Feet

Bentley:  Leo, I was at the dog park the other day and some of the other dogs were making fun of my size, which kind of hurt my feelings.

Leo:  I’m so sorry to hear that, Bentley, I’m sure their behavior did make you feel sad. You’re a great little pup and although you may be tiny, you run like the speed of light. I bet the bigger dogs can’t dart back and forth like you do!

Bentley:  But sometimes it’s hard to be different from others. What I experienced reminds me of the movie “Happy Feet.”  Mumble, the penguin, was the worst singer and in his culture you are nobody unless you can sing.

Leo:  But Mumble could dance, Bentley!!! We’re not all the same and wouldn’t it be boring if we were?  When Mumble no longer tried being what the other penguins wanted him to be, he was much happier. He followed his heart and soul rather than the fear of survival! So often we are trained or taught to be a certain way for the survival of the group, and when you are not like the group you can be shunned or made fun of. Breaking from the group norm and expressing who you are can be difficult at times, but it’s worth it. Just like Mumble did. So Bentley, Be You!

Bentley:  Thanks for this talk, Leo; I’ll try to be more like Mumble. I might not dance like him, but my four paws are surely “happy feet” when I’m running!