Let’s Go Home, T-Bone

“Remember I told you that some children found me in the woods? Well, how they got me back to Ron and Larry at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary is pretty creative. I didn’t know this, but Ron had placed an ad saying I was lost and for anyone finding me to please bring me back home. The kids ran and told their parents, who told a man they knew who sometimes took in unwanted critters. So I ended up at this nice man’s place in a makeshift pen he made for me.

He called Ron and said he wasn’t certain that I was the same tortoise they were looking for. Ron said that’s easy to find out. “If you look from his tail forward, his right front foot and the right side of his shell have black paint in the cracks where he knocked over a gallon of paint on himself.” The guy said, “Yeah, that’s him.”

Once Ron and Larry came, even though the man was really nice, when he let me out of the pen, I walked walked right by him and almost all the way to the truck. Uphill. I’ll go straight to Ron or Larry every time. “Let’s go home, T-Bone.”

So I’m back at BOTB in a brand new home, too! It’s much nicer and stronger than my old one and will be a bit difficult to get out of for my next walkabout. But you know I’ll try, don’t you?”

Ron and Spokesbird Leo

Larry and Spokesbird Leo