With Struggle Comes Growth!

We asked artist Nancy Bolen to paint our lovely eclectus, Fiona, and we all simply fell in love with her creation. She is fairly new to painting and we wanted to know what brought her to it.

“I have always wanted to paint. Five years ago I started that journey. I have used several mediums: acrylic, gouache, oil and collage to create still lifes, landscapes, abstracts and portraits. I find I am most happy with my paintings when I have an emotional connection to the subject matter. I have so much to learn, but am loving every minute of it. So I have decided to take on the “Daily Painting” challenge. I know it will be the good, the bad, and the ugly with very little good right now, but with the struggle comes growth, so here I go.”

Nancy will be at our February 16 Birds on the Brink Sanctuary event in Greensboro, Georgia. Come meet her as well as Fiona!

(Above painting by Nancy Bolen, calligraphy by Linda Elkins Calligraphy).


FREE for everyone. Come to this extraordinary indoor event
at the Highgate Estate and Gardens (706-810-0900)
301 W. Greene St., Greensboro, GA
Saturday February 16th, 3pm to 6pm.