Protection and Freedom

Artist Michele Hartung will be showing her original work at the Birds on the Brink Sanctuary February 16 event. She explains how she came to produce each painting in the above header.

“I live in Eatonton, Georgia and have been a volunteer Board member with the Artisans Village Art Guild since it’s inception in 2016. My husband Wally and I retired to Lake Country from Kentucky 3 years ago and love the relaxed vibe around the lake. I am an amateur oil painter and grandmother of identical twins who reside in Atlanta.

What inspired me for my paintings were both protection and freedom. In the painting above with the Water Lily, the Lily resides in the forest canopy with a large leaf protecting it from above.  In the painting with the birds turning from stone to life, the idea is not original, but I did love the message of freedom and flight.

I have been an artist all of my life, and had a pottery business, done stained glass work and other forms of art. I am excited to see all of the wonderful art (and the birds!) that has been created for the bird sanctuary.” Michele Hartung

Come meet Michele and view her beautiful art at our event!

FREE for everyone. Come to this extraordinary indoor event
at the Highgate Estate and Gardens
301 W. Greene St., Greensboro, GA
Saturday February 16th, 3pm to 6pm.



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