Space Between the Sun and the Earth!

Why does someone become an artist? Martha Moore, one of the artists for the mural wall at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, was given a box of crayons and a new pad of paper by her parents as a child which began her love affair with all things art.

She graduated from Georgia State University with a Masters Degree in Visual Arts. After 38 years of teaching art to elementary, middle school, high school and college students, she retired and loves making art of her own, whether working with clay, paper or paint.

“My favorite person in the world is my husband, Keith. My favorite things are my adorable Welch Corgis, Katie and Dante.

“The inspiration for my mural came while considering the world in which birds exist…..somewhere in between the sun and the earth. Each species possesses different characteristics as well as occupying various territories.  With their colorful wings, they share that enviable space and the ability to fly.  Our feathered friends perch in our world for food, a rest and, certainly, our enjoyment.”

Come meet Martha on February 16 and see her stunning mural. You can also meet, chat with and give treats to some of BOTB’s resident birds!

FREE for everyone. Come to this extraordinary indoor event
at the Highgate Estate and Gardens (706-810-0900)
301 W. Greene St., Greensboro, Georgia
Saturday, February 16, 3pm to 6pm.