Head to Heart

Marilyn Segal is a Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Teacher/Healer, Author and Artist. Her beautiful painting of a heart-centered parrot for Birds on the Brink Sanctuary was a challenge for her, she says. We asked what inspired her.

“I love bright colors and vibrancy. Parrots embrace these qualities, and capturing them in art form proved both gratifying and challenging. I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and for that I am grateful. I am very proud of what I created for this amazing sanctuary.”

But she does more than art.

“My art and books emerged from my personal healing process. My passion is to help people heal and see life from a higher perspective. Their reward is feeling the spark of joy ignite within them. For the past eight years I’ve led a monthly Angel Circle where participants learn to work with their angels and guides. I also conduct a workshop called Dancin’ With Your Sacred Soul – a journey for the evolution of your soul.

I love my husband Terry, and my family/friends. I loved my dogs, but unfortunately, they now reside in Rainbow Bridge. My favorite place to visit is Sedona, AZ. It’s my healing place and I love connecting to nature while I’m there.”

Her website is MarilynSegal.com and you can friend her on Facebook at Marilyn Segal.