An Unseen World

One of the contributors to Birds on the Brink Sanctuary creates extraordinary art pieces that fluoresce. Anne is an artist and photographer who lately has been making collages that bring forward the fluorescent world of birds, bees and butterflies.

All of her current work is created with fluorescent paints, with or without an infusion of ground-up fluorescent rocks, using a “pour method.” When the art pieces are placed and shown under black light, the beautiful fluorescent world that birds, bees and butterflies see automatically comes forth.

Collage Mural

So Anne’s art not only brings beauty to our Sanctuary, but provides education for all visitors, as well as a lot of fun! It highlights one of the Sanctuary considerations and explorations, which is, “That there is more to explore beyond the current limitations of our five senses.”

Come visit us some time and see all the extraordinary art expressions located throughout the Sanctuary!