Come pan for gold!

Our brand new gold mining area will be open by the time of our Open House Ethnic Fair on June 9th. You pay $10 for a bucket and in that bucket is a mixture of sand, black silica and gold. We don’t know how much gold is in each bucket, because it’s mixed in a machine. But each one does have gold!

You take this mixture from the bucket and put it in a sifting tray and then put it under the water.  Also in the gold mining area are precious and semi-precious stones and rocks. The water changes the wave length and deflects the light and causes the eye to see new colors from the stones that your eye normally wouldn’t see. Whatever gold and stones you pan you get to keep and we’ll put it in a little pouch that says Feathered Friends Forever on it.

So we ask: Are you lucky? But of course, everyone will be.

To learn about gold panning, view this instructional video – How to pan for gold!



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