My Walkabout is Nearing Its End

“The very last 2 animals in the woods I met, before I ran into some humans, were a turtle and a frog. I wish I had a photo of me right next to that turtle. He was a mini me! I’m still fairly young but I’m told I’ll be growing quite a bit larger than I am now, maybe even get to weigh over 100 pounds. But it was nice to be with someone who likes to eat what I do. And who wasn’t scary.

He was hanging around a pond and said he went swimming in it a lot. He showed me it wasn’t very deep and we went diving together.

The frog was hanging around that pond, too, and had a host of frog friends with him. Like the wild turkeys, these guys can be loud, especially when they all talk at the same time.

Because we got along so well, I was with both the turtle and the frogs for about 2 weeks, I’d say. They were fun to be with, but I was getting more and more lonely for Ron and Larry and Birds on the Brink.  And Larry really should have come back from his trip by now.

So one day I was casually eating some grass when I heard some human voices. Besides Larry and Ron, the human voices I love the most are those of children. I slowly walked towards their sounds and they saw me! I knew they would somehow lead me back to BOTB. I’ll tell you exactly how in my next post, which will be the last one chronicling my walkabout.”

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