My Narrow Escape

“It’s Mr. T here again. The next creature I ran into on my walkabout is something called a wild hog. Have you ever seen one of these? Some people say I’m odd-looking but this hog had me beat.

I was minding my own business, casually eating the leaf of a plant, when I saw this snout suddenly butting in and trying to eat the same thing. Well, then it saw me and I guess decided I would taste better.

My shell is rather heavy and sometimes I complain about it, but boy, was I glad I had it then. I’m a slow mover for the most part, but I got all of me into that shell in record time.

Like the coyote when it was checking me out, this hog got bored and decided to move on. Even after I heard him leave, I stayed inside my shell for a long time until I heard someone say it was safe.

It was a rat! I had seen them sometimes at a distance at Birds on the Brink Sanctuary, but this was up close. She wasn’t at all interested in the leaves I was eating so there was no competition there, but she hung around asking me a ton of questions about me, who I was, where I came from, etc. I told her about the sanctuary and to come visit me whenever I get back there.

But I was having too much fun exploring and eating new plants to actually want to go back yet, though I’d been gone more than a month. Maybe even two months. I still had more people to meet out here and I’ll tell you about them on my next post.”