A Bird’s and Dog’s Eye View

A Wrinkle in Time – Our Universe

Bentley:  Okay, Leo, in the movie, “A Wrinkle in Time” (2018) this comment was made, “What if we are not just in the Universe, but the Universe is in us?” What do you think that really means?

Leo:  What the movie is trying to say, Bentley, is all that which resides in the Universe – that information – is already in us. And all we need to do is simply awaken that part within ourselves that draws it out, so that it can be expressed and communicated with other living things.

Bentley:  So let me get this straight. You’re saying that not only do I live in the vast Universe itself, but the Universe lives within me as well? And all the Information that makes up the Universe dwells within me?

Leo:  You got it, Bentley! Most living things are designed to experience through their senses (see, hear, feel, taste, smell) which require external stimulation. So then the perception is that you are a part of something that exists. But what if we expand our internal Universe and are stimulated by internal information, have access to information that we just know but don’t really know how we know? What I’m talking about draws from the dormant Universe inside, and it’s not brought forward for an adaptation or a need to survive.

Bentley:  So if there was a forest fire or a tsunami, a hurricane or tornado, and I live more from my internal Universe of information, I probably would have already known these events were going to happen before I smelled smoke or felt the rain? And almost certainly, I would have made decisions, adjustments or a response that was in harmony with the external Universe I live in?

Leo:  Absolutely! All livings things are so much more than they know themselves to be. What we’re beginning to explore is a life built on internal information first, rather than some external stimuli or the “shoulds,” “musts” and “have-tos” that so often direct our lives.

Leo and Bentley – “Birds on the Brink Sanctuary” Team Members who love to explore all of life!