Giant Bee Wall Art created by Gayleen Speros (Birds on the Brink Sanctuary Creative Director)

Don’t worry, our bees are not this large! This Wall Art piece created by Gayleen for the Sanctuary, is a design that exemplifies our “huge” interest and appreciation for Bees at the Sanctuary. When you visit us, please take time to view our Bee Hive House and learn about how we care and nurture our bees so that they may flourish.

Bee Art Creation: Made out of old rusty metal parts, an old tractor seat, chain-links, window screen, some tin roof shingles, and anything else found lying around. Add some paint and you have a masterpiece! The other decorative objects around the bee are made from a process of cement molding that Gayleen loves.

Below are some of the objects created by Gayleen used to decorate the Sanctuary:


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