Sanctuary Happenings

Learn Stuff!

Learn Stuff

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Bentley’s Butterfly Garden The above photos were taken at the Birds on the Brink Sanctuary butterfly garden in Harlem, Georgia. The female Black Swallowtail admired for its beauty will lay from 200 – 430 pale yellow...

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Life On The Brink

Life On The Brink

Where Have The Bumblebees Gone?

The insects that both frightened and thrilled us as children were bumblebees. They were so large but also so beautiful. And you could always hear them coming, right? But a new study of 66 bumblebee species in Europe and North...

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What's Up, Leo & Bentley?

What's Up Leo & Bentley?

The Beyond Bridge

Birds on the Brink Sanctuary Has A Bridge Bentley: Hey Leo, have you seen that bridge they built at our sanctuary? Leo: Yes, and I was wondering about it. Bentley: It doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Leo: I thought so, too, but...

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